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Turn your seeds of data into fruitful decisions and experience the power of business intelligence and analytics instantly.

Empower businesses to make healthier decisions.

Fruits360 is a BI and analytics SaaS product that integrates with your Point of Sale (POS) System and provides you with an extensive detailed overview of your business data, empowering you to instantly extract actionable insights.

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Real-Time Insights

Access Your Data Instantly

Interactive Dashboards

View Your Data, Your Way

Exportable Reports

Any Format, Any Time

Seamless Interface

Your User Experience Matters

Cross-Platform Access

Your Data On The Go

Data Security

Encrypted & Regularly Backed Up

Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts and Notifications

Client Services

Online Customer Support


Fruits360 offers different modules and more than 50 dashboards which provide a comprehensive analysis of your business, including sales, operations, inventory, and more!

Let’s Get Fruity!

Create a hub for all the data from your POS, ERP, and other applications, seamlessly accessible to your entire organization.

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